Build your high availability SSD cloud in 1 minute, from £3.99 p/m

The only high availability SSD cloud from £3.99 per month

We’ve created the fastest SSD cloud to help you easily manage your servers so you can get back to coding. You get mega performance Samsung Enterprise SSD drives, free backups, unlimited bandwidth and high availability self healing nodes as standard.

100% SSD Architecture
Samsung Enterprise SSD’s in all nodes and storage arrays.

High Availability
High availability self healing nodes as standard.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited premium bandwidth for everyone.

Secure ports, next gen firewall and free backup.

Enterprise architecture with unlimited bandwidth

Fuel 1

£3.99 pm

  • SSD Fuel Server
  • 512mb Ram
  • 1 Core
  • 15GB SSD storage
  • Free Bandwidth

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Fuel 2

£8 pm

  • SSD Fuel Server
  • 1Gb Ram
  • 1 Core
  • 30GB SSD storage
  • Free Bandwidth

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Fuel 3

£17 pm

  • SSD Fuel Server
  • 2Gb Ram
  • 2 Core
  • 40GB SSD storage
  • Free Bandwidth

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Fuel 4

£37 pm

  • SSD Fuel Server
  • 4Gb Ram
  • 3 Core
  • 60GB SSD storage
  • Free Bandwidth

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Fuel 5

£75 pm

  • SSD Fuel Server
  • 8Gb Ram
  • 4 Core
  • 80GB SSD storage
  • Free Bandwidth

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Quick Faq’s

How much bandwidth is included?
We do not meter bandwidth, its all free, all of the time.
Do I get root access?
You get full root access, its a full server with your choice of OS.
Is it fast?
Sure is, our next gen hardware and network enable us to offer enterprise class speeds and a non enterprise price point.

Technical Stuff

Do you provide a DNS Service?
You get access to our fully redundant global Anycast DNS service, free of charge. Our Anycast DNS service is hosted at datacenters around the world. You can use Cloudfuel and our free DNS service to manage your domains, and your customers’ domains, using straightforward tools in your CloudFuel control panel.
Can I reboot my cloud Server
You you can reboot, re image and turn off your VM in the CloudFuel control panel
How long does it take to spin up my server?
It’s about a minute depending what image you need
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