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From simple beginnings…

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simplehiresfrontThe team that brings your Cloudfuel was responsible for building out the all SSD cloud for our sister company Simple Servers way back (in cloud terms) in 2010. This was primarily built for speed needed for Magento hosting. The original cloud was based around enterprise SSD SAN that was need for an eCommerce environment, we have brought these principles to CloudFuel with new storage technology.


From the start, Cloudfuel’s philosophy has been to provide you with the best service possible at the best possible price. We’ve built our network and hardware with the best possible infrastructure for the job and guarantee 100% uptime on our power and network through an SLA that delivers this promise.

3 years in the making

The CloudFuel infrastructure has been tried and tested again and again over the last three years at our sister site Simple Servers. We have built a new distributed storage array that gives us the availability and the speed that CloudFuel needs at an unbeatable price.

Be different

We strive to be the best and offer a point of difference, we are currently the only cloud platform that offer enterprise features at a budget cost

Cut cost not quality

We have delivered CloudFuel on Enterprise grade hardware and networking. Is built to last in our own datacentre on our own hardware. We don’t rent any hardware from anybody.

Big enough to trust small enough to care

CloudFuel is part of the Tier9 Network group of hosting companies.tier9

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